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I was fan of his character since his first ep and all people who loved him back then is love him now. Haters who say they loved him in s2 as villain were actually mocking him and say he was a joke. But hey, suddenly CS happen and they fell in love with s2 Hook.

And JM Barrie fans were fans of Hook since their childhood.. Thats the difference.. They are not haters, they are just attached to their favorite  Neverland characters.. This has nothing to do with CS, SF or SQ or its shippers.. This has nothing to do with ship wars.. Many Neverland fans are even non-shippers or don’t ship Emma with any one, so they don’t care about who Emma ends up with..  They only care about how OUAT potrays Hook, Peter Pan, TinkerBell and the Darlings.. And like many of them complained about the way OUAT treated Peter Pan, there also DIE HARD Hook fans who complain about how this show treats Hook…

I understand that CS shippers are annoyed when opposing shippers like SF, Hookedqueen or SQ complain about Hook, but you can’t blame the JM Barrie/Peter Pan fans for complaining about their favorite charachters.. They were fan of Hook or Peter Pan, way before OuAT even excisted and look it from a different angle..

Same with the original Wizard of OZ fans.. Some of them were also dissapointed in the way this show portrayed the WoO characters.. This has also nothing to do with ships..!

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Anonymous asked:

A&E's "character development": Henry's still scared of Regina, Hook can't go a second without his gf (he's acting like a lovesick teenager), Robin's still an idiot, Snowing don't get any scenes, Gold's not telling Belle the truth, Queen Queen's become a villain again. The only thing I'm looking forward to is Frozen Swan also I love Marian


I just don’t think Frozen would translate well on OUAT. Hook is already following Emma around, and how long have they been an “item” again?

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