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ladymsinclair asked:

Can I just say how funny it is that Neal hiding of having been stuck in a timeless island for centuries is worse than Hook hiding the fact he abandoned him on said island in first place? Or the fact that the age difference between Neal and Emma is gross but not the fact that Hook dated - and ran away with - Henry's grandmother?


There’s also the fact that he still allows Emma to think that he found Eric for Ariel and she has no idea that he chose his ship over Eric’s life.

But there is no point in bringing Hook into conversations about Neal, or Neal into conversations about Hook, because it doesn’t matter. The behavior and mistakes made by one character do not suddenly make another character’s actions okay. So man CSers try to bring Neal into the conversation, but if you’re doing that then you’re pretty much just showing that you don’t have much of an argument to defend Hook.

As for the age difference… with a lot of people, I don’t think it’s the 300 years that bothers them, it’s the possible seven years because Emma was 17. And it’s understandable if that bothers them or if they’re triggered by it. But if they’re going to try to argue that the relationship is wrong or unhealthy, they’re flat out wrong, because their experience is not everyone’s experience, and there is nothing that happened in canon that shows that there was an kind of imbalance of power or maturity. There is no canon evidence that he manipulated her or took advantage of her. 





One of the last things Neal said to Emma was to go to Tallahassee, even if it is without him.. He wasn’t the one who complained when Emma told him that she wanted to leave StoryBrooke, while a certain pirate did.. So Neal being judgmental about her choices is bullshit.. Stop reversing the roles and keep your fact straight…

Why do people keeping making up shit about Neal to try and smear his character? He fucked up and made a mistake, but why is it so unforgivable? He wasn’t this heartless monster. He was a human being, capable of error and he tried his best to make it up to Emma until it virtually killed him.

They do this everytime.. I don’t mind people hating Neal, but from the moment people making up stuff to make him look bad, I won’t take it seriously, because I know many of them do that to make Hook look better..

Besides that, I think its quite suspicious that some people are not able to forgive Neal’s mistake, but forgive Hooks horrible crimes.. What is so much worse than what Neal did..
I don’t say people should forgive Neal for his mistakes, but if you think that what Neal did is unforgivable, than you are a hypocrite if you rather forgive a villain, who intentionally harmed a bunch of innocent people, including Baelfire and Emma..

I respect someones preference for shipping Emma with Hook instead of Neal because of reasons, but don’t act like Neal was worse than Hook in general..
With or without Emma, Hook will always be worse than Neal as a person.. Hook chosed the dark path, while Neal always stood on the good side of life..

I can tell this fanbase is filled with immature teenagers and I can’t stand it. They do this for everyone who is mean to Hook. They try so hard to make Hook look like a saint.

Indeed.. While Hook isn’t saint at all.. Maybe in their fanfictions, but not in this show.. He was brought in as a villain and did a bunch of crimes.. Deal with that.. They picked him as his favorite character, than they should also acknowlede and accept his flaws.. Nobody is perfect..

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