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Anonymous asked:

Okay...but exactly what has Hook done to Emma? He left her in Rumple's cell ~after she chained him up in the giant's lair. She knew the giant wouldn't kill him, yes, and eventually, Hook knew that, but she still left him at Cora's mercy - which is nonexistent. He came back with the bean and his ship. He has been nothing but supportive since. Regina has repeatedly victimized Emma, Emma's family, Emma's son, and an entire kingdom. My problems with SQ lie with Regina. I don't ship Rumpbelle either.


Ok. I just wanna say thank you for trying to have an intelligent conversation with me instead of just sending me hate. I really appreciate that.

Now, I believe that the thing is that I don’t see Hook’s actions the way you do, nor Regina’s. I see Regina being again and again oppressed by the Charming family and blacks lashing, and now we could go into a really in depth talk about race in that context, but I’m not gonna do that rn. After the curse broke, Regina has been actively trying to redeem herself, saving Snow and Emma when they came back from the EF, trying to redeem herself to Henry, only failing when Cora came, because again and again she tried to do the right thing and he Charmings rejected her, and we all know how manipulative Cora could be, and even Regina saw how shitty her mother was, but we also saw how much she yearned for her love.

Now Hook… Hook didn’t have a redemption arc or anything in any way. He was simply woobified, and at the same time, everything he does that is even remotely good is for Emma to see and to think he’s a nice cool awesome guy. Hook is not trying to be good, he’s trying to get into Emma’s pants. It’s different.


Anonymous asked:

okay but some women don't mind innuendo like talk and even dish it out just as much. Personally, I like an aggressive man, someone that doesn't mind blatantly talking about sex, throwing a joke in here and there, and toeing the line because it doesn't bother me, many times it's fun and I like the challenge and thrill of it. If Emma is one of those people, then why are you going to fault her and Hook for it and claim it's disrespectful because YOU personally are offended by it.


In a patriarchy, like the one we live in, it’s expected for men to be the aggressive and for women to be passive. A lot of the things we see in heterosexual relationships portrayed in the media, or the way we deal with it on a daily basis has a lot to do with that ( for example, the guy has to ask you out, otherwise you can’t ask him, and a ton of other ways). Men are expected to be strong, dominant and aggressive, while women are expected to be passive to the male’s whim. If you accepted that and you see yourself inside that norm, CONGRATULATIONS! You’re officially what society sees as normal and you’ll probably never experience some blatant form of discrimination! Now, for all of us who are not inside the norm, stuff is quite different. 

Emma was originally portrayed as a strong female character, with a rough past, who could handle herself on her own because she had been alone her whole life. She’s not passive, she’s not quiet and she’s not inside what is expected of women in society. I’m not saying one thing excludes the other, but I’m saying she doesn’t fit the mold. So no, I don’t think she’d like a man like that.

Let’s see for example what we know of her past lovers. Was Neal an aggressive man, who was always forcing some kind of romantic interaction with Emma? No. Was Graham like that either? No. 

So there you go.




Hook held up his end of the deal, and honored the pirate’s code. Partial information about who was on the Jolly Roger for partial information that Eric is alive on an island. He never promised Ariel anything. And letting Blackbeard die probably made the seas safer, even if that wasn’t his intention. Killing a man who is worse than him doesn’t make Hook a villain. It makes him a pirate who wanted his ship back.”

Okay let’s put your loved one in a hostage situation, enlist someone to help you only to have them kill the only person with your loved one’s whereabouts and then we’ll see if you understand how that person honored some damned pirate code.





Well then… thoughts?

Wow, Zelena looks like Milah in there…

She tends to remind me of her in general with the way her mouth moves when she talks as well as some of her facial expressions.

Yes you’re right.. Actually Zelena is like a second Milah..

OMG THANK YOU. I have been trying to figure out who the hell she reminds me of since her first scene!

LoL.. I just realized she really looks like her..

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hesaiditsallinmyhead asked:

PLOT TWIST! We spent so much timing thinking OUAT was A&E's fanfiction with disney come to life, but what if 3b is really Hook's fanfiction about himself? It'd explain how everything is in his favour and nearly (I use that loosely) everyone is in his favour.


Hahaha, maybe’s he’s just passed out from alchohol on his ship, dreaming about eing a hero and ‘getting the girl’.


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