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I think Captain Swan is proof that people would rather have two hot, attractive people together than seeing two “real” people work out their problems.

Neal was always short handed from the get go. He wasn’t allowed as much development as other characters. Emma and Neal were two lost kids who…

This.. If some people believe that a villain like Hook deserves an happy ending, than a good guy like Neal deserves an happy ending twice..

Logically she believes that Neal is dead, for good reason, but also emotionally she has to believe he’s dead because she’s already been through so much loss with him that I don’t think her heart could take hoping that he was still alive and in that situation. She’s pushed to the limit already so she has to believe that he’s dead for emotional and logical reasons.

Jennifer Morrison (X)

Oh, look, JMo said exactly what us SFers were saying but was ignored. What about that “Emma wanted Neal dead” thing?

(via queen-rhaenyra-targaryen)

The only thing we can say to all the anti-Swanfires is:”I told you so…”


I was searching for this particular interview and finally I found it:

”(…) He (Neal) sort of found that sense of family with Emma. And when he had to walk away from her again, it really wasn’t easy. But he was told she was the savior and she was destined to break this curse. And you know, he…


Anonymous asked:

I want Neal back. And to do that I'm going to take up the csers' tactic of complaining loudly and complaining often. If the writers want to pander to noisy fans then two can play at that game!


I guess if they fan pander, swanfires should make lots of noise, but be warned: smart, well adjusted people are the minority. the majority of TV watchers are a bunch of airheads who only want to see pretty faces kiss each other on screen. (boring, I know). us intelligent people who like good stories are in the minority. not only that, but we don’t feel like pestering people about how they should write  their silly story. if hey wrote a masterpiece and then want to butcher it, let them. we just stop watching. this is why so many of us stopped caring about this crap. we won’t be watching so we aren’t interested in spoilers or anything. this won’t stop us from discussing how beautiful the story USED to be. Harry Potter is long over, yet we still discuss it because it WAS good.

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